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Lee Summit Chiropractic

Dr. William Thomas, Chiropractic Physician


Dr. Thomas Biography


Dr. William Thomas, Chiropractic Physician, happily serves Lee’s Summit and the surrounding community. Dr. Thomas is a long time resident of Lee’s Summit, and has watched both of his children graduate from the well respected Lee’s Summit School District. Dr. Thomas has distinguished himself in Lee’s Summit with effective, innovative and gentle chiropractic care leading to sustained wellness.  He partners with patients to overcome conditions like low back pain, headaches and sciatica to regain health and wellness.  Dr. Thomas’ years of chiropractic care and volunteer work in Lee’s Summit are leading the way for Lee’s Summit to being the healthiest and fittest city in the Kansas City metro area.


Dr. Thomas incorporates the newest and thoroughly researched technology with chiropractic care.  His desire is to bring superior results to the Lee Summit community.  We are thrilled to introduce Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy.  This new and innovative therapy is very gentle.  Most patients don’t feel any sensation.  If they do, it’s a warm sensation.  That’s the increased blood circulation and increase waste removal accomplished by the PEMF medical device.


We’ve selected the Bemer manufacturer for our PEMF machine for several reasons. There are multiple well researched articles on PUBMED about the Bemer machine. New agreements with NASA and the NFL Alumni Association reflect the confidence in Bemer results.  We couldn’t agree more that the Bemer machine provides an excellent support to Chiropractic care in Lee Summit.


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