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Spinal fusion is a procedure to stop too much movement in the spine.  There are many conditions that can cause this, but the most commonly seen in our office is age related disc degeneration.  When is spinal fusion needed?  According to, “The short answer is after every non-surgical option fails to result in a satisfactory outcome. The long answer is when there is progressive neurological loss or deficit, cauda equina syndrome, failed non-surgical care, failed prior surgical care, x-ray evidence of instability with neurological signs, and unremitting pain that affects one’s quality of life. Treatment guidelines are not always followed, as many patients consult with a doctor of chiropractic only after they’ve already been advised that their lower back condition requires surgery.”

I love my work for many reasons.  One, I have helped 1000’s of patients in my 14 years of practice to avoid surgery.  It’s best to address the pain and loss of quality of life as soon as possible, but that can’t always happen.  If you are considering back surgery/spinal surgery, please exhaust all non-surgical options first, and consider chiropractic care with us.  We use gentle techniques with new and innovative technologies to get superior results.  We can be reached at (816) 287-2802.